Our Team

Medina Electric is passionate about producing exceptional results for our clients. To do that, we focus on hiring only the most talented employees and tradespeople who have the desire and skills to provide exceptional, high-quality work.

Medina Electric Senior Leadership Team

Jason Ianfolla, CEO

Jason Ianfolla

President & CEO
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Brent Lau, COO & CFO

Brent Lau

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Brian Gould, Vice President of Low Voltage

Brian Gould

Vice President of Low Voltage
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Mike Orton, Operations and Labor Manager

Mike Orton

Operations and Labor Manager
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Mark Essendrup, Service Manager

Mark Essendrup

Service Manager
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“I have the privilege of helping dozens of leadership teams solidify their vision, improve their execution, as well as help them to become a healthy and cohesive leadership teams.What I love about the leadership team of Medina Electric, is they are truly humble and transparent to their core. They know the business is about their people and their customers vs. being about them.

It’s so easy for companies to come up with core values, put them on the wall and advertise them.What’s different about this team, is they reek of their values. In other words, their core values permeate whatever room they are in. When they are problem solving, when they are hiring, they utilize their core values and they are dedicated to preserving their culture around these values, even when it hurts to do so. My favorite part about this team is that you simply get what you see – No B.S., just people who care deeply and who speak directly!”

– John LaFontsee | The Clarity Gain

Best in the Business

Jim Herlofsky

Senior Office Project Manager

Corey Stone

Office Project Manager

John Fox

Accounting Manager

Steve Smieja

Field Project Manager

Rob Anderson

Field Project Manager

Lisa LeBow

Safety Manager and Office Coordinator

Mariza Lisak

Accounting and Office Assistant

Bob Weinberg

Network and Low Voltage Systems

Christian Sides

Purchasing Agent

Dan Buetow

Project Engineer

Josh Mayfield

Accounts Payable

Aimee Xiong

Payroll Manager and EEO Officer

Jacob Tretsven

Service Project and Estimator

Jackie Eydelnant

Service Coordinator

Our Values

“Over the past 18 years as a construction specific risk consultant, I have experienced very few contractors that aggressively manage safety as well as medina electric. Though strong executive sponsorship, communication and training, the leaders at Medina Electric keep workplace safety at the forefront of their culture and conteinge to drive tremendous results.”

– Jason Schwab | USI