Jason Ianfolla – President and CEO

Jason grew up in Owatonna Minnesota with a strong passion for design and construction. After graduating high school in 1996 he pursued a degree in Architectural Drafting and Design from Northwest Technical Institute in Eden Prairie Minnesota.

Like many of the students at NTI after graduation in 1997 he pursued a career not just being part of the design of a building but involved in the inner workings of the building by taking a position at Gilbert Mechanical Contractors designing Electrical, HVAC, Plumbing, and Fire Protection.

After focusing on design at Gilbert for about a year the Electrical Industry came calling and Jason’s time was focused solely on the Electrical Division at Gilbert where his daily tasks included design, service department dispatching, service department billing, service and construction department manpower scheduling, service and construction purchasing agent duties, estimating, and project management.

In the fall of 2002 as Jason was getting married, Gilbert’s parent company Encompass was filing chapter 11 and Jason was introduced to the owners of Medina Electric and another chapter was started in his career.

He started at Medina Electric in January of 2003 as a project manager, in January 2005 Jason introduced a new project management process to Medina Electric. This separated the region’s traditional project manager’s responsibilities into two separate positions that were created to have each position focus on the portions of the whole position that they were best at and not focus on the areas they were weaker in. Thus, creating a strong culture of Team and laser focusing the team to do a greater volume of business, this idea promoted Jason to Senior Estimator.

In January 2012, when one of the 50% owners of Medina purchased the whole company from the other shareholder, Jason was promoted to Vice President based on his significant contribution to Medina’s revenue growth from 4MM in 2003 to 20MM in 2011. In March of 2016, after four years of consistent revenue and profit growth, Jason was given the opportunity to purchase 75% of Medina Electric.

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Jason Ianfolla, CEO

Jason Ianfolla

President and CEO